Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Picking out the Right Names

Picking out the right names for my two children was very important to me and my husband, but not easy. We were picking names based on what we thought their personalities would be. We also had to keep in mind that their names had to fit them as a baby, as a child, as a teenager and as an adult. We also had to consider the following questions: Will the kindergarten teacher be able to pronounce it correctly? Would it roll off the tongue of the announcer at the high school baseball and soccer games? Will it fit in the heart drawn by their first girlfriend / boyfriend? Would it look right on their college diploma? Will it sound right between the words “I … take you to be my wife / husband? Needless to say we felt some pressure in naming our children.

I am still enamored with the names we chose and am grateful that they fit their unique personalities. Tyler Michael is thoughtful, focused, strong, funny, smart and insightful. Molly Nicole is spirited, independent, energetic, funny, smart and determined.

The names also go well in the following combinations, which I failed to consider when picking them.
“Tyler Michael it’s time to get up.”

“Molly Nicole please pick-up the toys.”

“Tyler, Molly, it's time for dinner. Please come to the table.”

“Yes, Molly Nicole, you can pee in the potty.”

“Tyler Michael, you can’t avoid vegetables forever.”

Then of course there are nicknames for each child, which also seemingly fit their personalities. I don’t know where some came from or why they are necessary, each child answers to them.
Tyler is also known as Ty Ty, Tee Ty, Ty, Buddy, Buddies, Boo, Boudreaux and Pal. Molly is also known as Moll, Moll Moll, Molls, Baby Girl, Girlfriend, Baby Girlfriend.

However, when all is said and done, I still prefer to call them my son and my daughter. That rolls off my tongue pretty well!

True Confession of the day: I did like the name Camir Comeon Howe, but I was overruled (thank goodness).

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