Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mixed Messages Via Nyquil

For better or worse, I am a very light sleeper. The only thing that can truly knock me out for a full night of uninterrupted sleep is a dose of Nyquil. With this said, I only use this sleep aid if the stars are aligned or I am sick and Todd is home.

So here I was with a terrible head cold, a husband out of town and two small children. I didn’t want to use the Nyquil because I wanted to make sure I could hear the kids if they needed me in the middle of the night. So I relied on my box of tissues, three stacked pillows and Sudafed, which I had to sign for at CVS. My efforts, while notable, did not result in restful sleep on Tuesday or Wednesday night.

On Thursday evening I was watching TV when my iPhone beeped, alerting me to a magical text. Todd had boarded the airplane for home and would land around 10:30 pm. Hip, hip hooray! I could finally take a nice long swig of Nyquil and pass out, knowing daddy would be home if the kids needed him or Tobi needed to go out during the night. I turned off the living room lights, blew out the candle on the kitchen counter, headed upstairs (I already had my PJs on) and set my alarm. I did leave the foyer light on for Todd, because I am thoughtful like that, but somehow forgot to blow out the second candle I had lit on the desk.

The first thing Todd saw when he opened the front door after a long day of travel was the candle. He immediately thought I was welcoming him home with romance. He left his suitcase by the door and came upstairs to find…..

His wife passed out with a bottle of Nyquil beside her. Sorry, honey, I have a head cold!

True confession of the day: The Nyquil gets me every time.

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