Wednesday, November 21, 2012

20 Questions

My kids are really good at asking questions. Some of their questions are funny, some are insightful and some are easier to answer than others. Here are 20 of their most memorable ones, in no specific order. How would you answer some of these?

Can I go back in your belly?

When you married Daddy, did you have any other choices?

If Tobi doesn’t have hands, how does she clap when she’s happy and she knows it?

If soda is not good for you, why do you drink it all the time?

What happens if I wake up when the Tooth Fairy is in my room?

Why do girls have two private parts on their bodies and boys only have one?

Mommy, what is half your name?

Did Jesus climb a ladder to get to heaven?

If we leave cookies for Santa and a carrot for the Easter Bunny, what do we leave for the Tooth Fairy?

Are you making me go to bed just because the Yankees are playing and you don’t like them?

Where can we get more babies?

Do we have to eat at home again tonight?

Why can’t you get rid of the commercials? You know they make me crazy.

Mommy, when will you be 2 ½ like me?

If I poop on the potty, will you take me to Target again?

I poop on the potty every day, why can’t I get a prize at Target like her?

Do you have to take me to school today?

How does the moon stay in the sky?

Do I smell like Daddy?

Why do the angels like to bowl so much?

True confession of the day: I really don't have all of the answers.

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