Wednesday, January 25, 2012

They Know What I Need

Did you every just have one of those days? You know, the type of day when you want to truly believe that you can make lemonade out of life’s lemons, but you can’t find the recipe. I had a day like that recently.
After some unexpected news at work that left me empowered, yet somewhat defeated (yes this can happen), I found myself at home and in pajamas by 6:30 pm. Todd took care of feeding the kids and then ran out to get me my favorite pasta dish from Carrabba’s. He also brought back a bottle of Molly Dooker Blue Eyed Boy. See, he knew just what I needed.
While Todd was out, I got Tyler and Molly ready for bed. Thank goodness they didn’t protest, as I was not in the mood. As I was about to turn Molly’s light off after laying her down in the crib and covering her with her must have stack of blankets, she knew just what to do. On her own, for the very first time, she lifted her little head, smiled and said, “Love you Mommy.” My heart melted as I responded with, “I love you too Molly, have a good night sleep. I will see you in the morning.” See, she knew just what I needed.
Then I found Tyler laying on my bed with his copy of Eric Carle’s, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He quickly announced that he would read me the story before he went to bed – a first for my 5 year-old.  He read his version of the book to me, with the same intensity and focus he displays on the soccer field and in his transitional kindergarten classroom. He even made sure I had enough time to view the illustrations before he turned the page. By the time the words, “the end,” came out of his mouth, we were both smiling. See, he knew just what I needed.
True confession of the night: I am going to create my own recipe for lemonade.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Sweet, Innocent Note

Five years and four months ago when I heard the words, “it’s a boy,” I knew this day would come. I guess I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.
Last night while cleaning out Tyler’s backpack or “book pack” as he call it, amidst a snack wrapper, homework folder and random stick of green clay, was a folded piece of white 8 x 11 paper. The inevitable had happened. At the age of five, Tyler had received his first love note. I have to admit that it was cute – a card with a drawing and the words,  “to Tyler, Love Lilly.” I asked Tyler about it. He smiled his shy little smile, shrugged and said, “She made me a card.”
I think I will stick that card in his keepsake box that I keep on the top shelf of his closet. It is a first, and it should have a place amongst his birth announcement, first birthday cards, various art projects and locks from his first haircut.
True confession of the day: I sprouted another grey hair thinking about what is coming down the line for Tyler!