Monday, April 22, 2013

An Integral Part of Our Village

Dear Mrs. Anderson,

Over the past six and a half years, I have come to realize that it does truly take a village to raise a child. I thank you for being an integral part of the village raising Tyler this year. He is such a special little boy, with bright eyes and a smile that can light up the room. Since August his eyes have been brighter and his smile larger when he talks about Torrence Creek, kindergarten and you, his Mrs. Anderson. Thank you!

We have seen him grow so much over the course of this school year. I could hardly contain my excitement the other day when he read me all 63 pages of Green Eggs and Ham. There was no hesitation in his voice; instead there was a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Thank you!

His job today while we were doing yard work was to empty the grass clippings into the barrel. When we were finished he showed off his math skills announcing that if I paid him $10 each time he emptied the grass, I would owe him $50. He was sure of this because he knew how to count by 10s. Thank you!

Tyler has also been expressing himself more in his words and actions since becoming a love bug. We have gotten quite a kick out of his writing assignments and I am sure you sleep better at night knowing who all of the Howe’s favorite NACAR drivers are. Please don’t worry, I asked him to write about something else this week. He is much better at sharing about what he is learning at the dinner table now too. Thank you!

Tyler is such a sports fan. He can’t walk past a ball without picking it up. We so appreciate you taking an interest in Tyler the athlete. It meant so much to him and us when we saw you on the sidelines at his soccer game. The example you set that day has led him to be a better teammate and athlete. Thank you!

We are so grateful that Tyler was assigned to your kindergarten class. I will admit that we were nervous about him going to kindergarten, as we were not sure what to expect. Those feelings vanished after we met you and we saw how excited he was. We appreciate the time and energy you have invested in making sure Tyler succeeds academically, socially and personally. You have encouraged him when he needed it, pushed him when he needed it and loved him every day. Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of our village, no make that our family this year!