Monday, August 1, 2011

Talking without Words

The other day at the dinner table Tyler announced that he could talk loud without using any words. We all sort of looked at him, giggled and said, “okay Tyler.” Later that night after tugging both kids into bed, I thought more about what Tyler said and realized that he was right. He is pretty profound for a four year-old.

His hugs say, “I love you,” his bright eyes and big smile say, “I am excited, this is great,” and his trembling lips say, “I am a bit nervous or scared right now.” Then there is the stomping of the feet, which says, “I am not going to cooperate right now.” He also expresses himself through his art projects. The details of his drawings show his intensity and the bright colors he uses show his happiness and imagination.

Tyler is not the only one in our house that can talk loud without words. At 17 months old, Molly continuously amazes me with how she communicates her feelings and demands. She truly understands what we say to her and what we ask her to do. Tonight she looked at me, pointed down the hallway and walked to the door. When I asked her if she wanted to go outside, she shook her head of full of light brown curls (caused by the humidity) and clapped her hands.

When she is hungry or wants a drink, she walks to her booster seat and when I ask her if she needs a change, she pats her little butt. When she wants to cuddle, she puts her head on my shoulder, when she wants me to pick her up, she puts her hands in the air and when she wants me to read her a story, she brings me a book.

The one that is both a little funny, yet disturbing is when she takes my hand and walks me over to the television. This usually means she is ready to watch the Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. Tyler simply hands me the remote when it is time for The Backyardigans, Dora the Explorer or The Fresh Beat Band.

I hope that Tyler and Molly understand what I am saying when I hug them, snuggle with them, grab/squeeze their hand, chase them around the backyard, write stories about them and yes, sometimes even put them in a time out. I know what I am saying, “I love you and I am lucky to be your mommy.”

True confession of the night: I hope that my actions can always speak louder than my words.

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