Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Time Soccer Mom

The idea of a blogging has been in the back of my head for quite a while. I love to write, which is a good thing since I am in the communications field. However, I never take the time to write for pleasure, to share my thoughts on what it is like to be a wife and mother. After encouragement from lots of people, I have decided to start my blog. Hence … Confessions of a First Time Soccer Mom is born.

This spring I entered into a new stage of motherhood. I became a soccer mom. Tyler can’t walk by a ball without touching it, throwing it or kicking it. This is why I gave up quiet Friday nights and leisurely Saturday mornings to cheer my four year old on. He looked so cute the first time he walked onto the green turf wearing his umbro shorts, shin guards, cleats and carrying his green dinosaur water bottle. I watched him intently as he learned to stop the ball with his foot and not his hands. I let a few giggles out as he and his teammates tried to decide which goal they were aiming for. I shed a few tears when he gave me thumbs up after scoring his first goal.

As the soccer season progressed, Tyler and I became more confident in our new roles, his as “soccer star” and mine as “soccer mom.” He began to run down the field (in the right direction) with confidence and he learned that playing defense is as important as scoring goals. What I am most proud of is that he believes the most important part of the game is shaking hands with your opponents before heading to the car. Learning the true meaning of sportsmanship at four years old was worth giving up Saturday mornings watching the “Fresh Beat Band” and “Team Umizoomie” on Nick Jr.

What did I learn from this experience? I learned the left cleat from the right cleat. I learned that soccer players flock to the mom with the snacks after the game (you can’t go wrong with Teddy Grahams and Toy Story fruit snacks). I also learned that not all parents share a parenting philosophy. Most importantly, I now know you have to let your child fall every once in a while. They will pick themselves up and they will brush themselves off.

The true confession of the night – I can’t wait for the fall soccer season!


  1. This is very sweet Jenn!! I can't wait to hear more!
    -Nicole W

  2. You truly are a wonderful writer!! You brought tears to my eyes - happy tears - as you wrote about my little Tyler. Can't wait for his grandpa to read this. Definitely looking forward to reading more. Love, Me